Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysispsychotherapist in manhattan and westchester nancy eisenman phd
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The approach I use in my work with clients is referred to as “psychodynamic” and  “interpersonal.”  This means that I believe in understanding the background themes that habitually affect our moods and our interactions with others.  By examining who you uniquely are, what is important to you, how you express yourself, how you handle your emotions, and what might be missing from your life, you can develop insights that lead to change.  I help people improve their lives by developing a deeper understanding of how the many threads of their past lead them to experience and respond to life as they do in the present.

Together we identify and examine the ways of coping you have developed in your life, and find more effective ways to respond to the challenges that you face.  During over 20 years as a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst I have worked to apply these ideas individually, to find the best fit for each client.